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Gisclair and Associates is committed to providing quality vocational and medical rehabilitation services, as well as assisting employers as it regards their vocational concerns and compliance with state and federal laws for people with disabilities.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation involves developing a strong, comprehensive and realistic vocational plan to return an individual to his or her vocational potential.

At Gisclair and Associates, our vocational consultants assist persons with disabilities by providing services such as vocational counseling, job placement assistance, vocational testing, life care planning and expert testimony.


Vocational Testing Disability Management Vocational Assessment Job Analysis Ergonomic Analysis

ADA Compliant Job Descriptions

Analyzing an individual's job has become an essential element in the vocational rehabilitation field. The analysis must be accurate as well as objective.

Our counselors know that the most effective way to gather objective data regarding job functions is through on-site job analysis. this allows us to observe first-hand the tasks and activities involved in the job, permitting the worker to demonstrate and describe their daily functions.

Job Placement Assistance    Classification of Jobs

 Life Care Planning

A life care plan recognizes the rehabilitation needs of the person with a disability in terms of quality of life, long-term medical care and domestic needs. Life care planning begins with a review of the injury and the impact that injury has on one’s livelihood. The person’s self-independence, physical, mental and emotional well-being are all considered.

Gisclair and Associates offers an immediate goal – the ability to look beyond, because oftentimes tomorrow comes too soon.


Medical Case Management

Medical case management by registered nurses is rapidly becoming a very essential tool in the handling of workers’ compensation and liability claims. Close monitoring of medical treatment and coordinating medical care relates to decreased absence from the workplace resulting in cost savings.

Gisclair and Associates’ registered nurses are trained in assessing and coordinating rehabilitation needs through contacts with treating physicians as well as other members of the health care team. All parties involved are kept apprised of current and future medical treatment needs.

Expert Testimony

The health-related professional plays a significant role in the legal and forensic areas. Vocational experts appear in Social Security hearings, workers’ compensation hearings, personal injury matters, product liability cases, federal court and medical malpractice claims.

The importance of vocational factors in cases is becoming increasingly more significant to attorneys. Testimony demands that the expert be well prepared, accurate and objective.


Medical/Legal Consulting Trained Professionals

Medicare Set-Aside Allocations (MSA)

If a primary payer, such as a worker's compensation carrier of self-insured employer attempts to shift the burden for payment of medical expenses for an injured employee to Medicare, Medicare can make a claim against the employer and/or insurance company for reimbursement.

Gisclair and Associates now includes the preparation of Medicare Set-Aside cost projections in our service packages. As always, this service is provided in the most professional, objective and efficient manner possible.

A critical part of any case is to prepare a medical summary based on the facts from the medical records from all treating physicians. Medical records provide you with a clear story of any clients’ past medical history as well as the need for future medical care. 

Let our Registered Nurses who are trained to review, chronologize and summarize your client’s medical records.  Medical records can be reviewed from printed records or records contained on a CD.  Gisclair and Associates will provide you with an easy to follow outline of medical services in a written report containing all summarized medical notes.

Medical Cost Projections

These projections play a critical role in achieving the best possible outcome for an individual with disabilities. It is  difficult to add quality to the life of an individual without first knowing the amount of resources needed to properly manage their health.

Our consultants review the client's medical records, consult with treating physicians to define future medical needs, and evaluate the individual, if necessary, to create a short-term to whole life Medical Cost Projection.

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