ga-favicon  Life Care Planning

A life care plan recognizes the needs of the person with a disability in terms of quality of life, long-term medical care and domestic needs.

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ga-favicon  Medical Case Management

Medical case management is rapidly becoming a very essential tool in the handling of workers’ compensation and liability claims.

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vocational-rehab-icon2.3  Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation involves developing a strong and realistic plan to return an individual to his or her vocational potential.

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ga-favicon  Expert Testimony

The health-related professional plays a significant role in the legal and forensic areas. Testimony demands that the expert be well prepared, accurate and objective.

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About Gisclair & Associates

Since our inception in 1984, Gisclair and Associates has gained distinction in the field of vocational rehabilitation and case management services. Founded by Bob A. Gisclair, Gisclair and Associates has grown from a small company into a multidisciplinary corporation. We offer unparalleled services in distinct areas of vocational rehabilitation and managed care. Our licensed consultants and registered nurses are trained in assessing and coordinating rehabilitation needs. We service the entire state of Louisiana.


“Bob, thank you very much for all your efforts in the referenced matters. You were always there when we needed you and always exemplified the highest professional standards. You did everything to make your work-product as good as it could possibly be. During our first mediation, the Mediator said your Life Care Plan was one of the best he had seen in twenty years.”

Frank E. Lamothe III