job-analysis-icon     ADA Compliant Job Descriptions

Analyzing an individual's job has become an essential element in the vocational rehabilitation field. The analysis must be accurate as well as objective.

Our counselors know that the most effective way to gather objective data regarding job functions is through on-site job analysis. this allows us to observe first-hand the tasks and activities involved in the job, permitting the worker to demonstrate and describe their daily functions.

The counselors and nurses at Gisclair and Associates assess the client's physical capabilities by consulting with the client's primary physician. This helps us obtain updated medical information as well as determine the physical restrictions assigned to the individual. These physical restrictions, coupled with the information obtained through the initial evaluation and testing, are the necessary components needed by the rehabilitation consultant to begin job placement assistance.

Role playing, resume preparation and interviewing techniques all play a part in assisting a client with his or her return to the world of work.

According to the Classification of Jobs, all occupations are divided by their strength factor: sedentary, light, medium, heavy and very heavy.

: 10.96%
Light: 49.59%
Medium: 29.59%
Heavy: 9.14%
Very Heavy: 0.72%


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