Expert Testimony

The health-related professional plays a significant role in the legal and forensic areas. Vocational experts appear in Social Security hearings, workers’ compensation hearings, personal injury matters, product liability cases, federal court and medical malpractice claims.

The importance of vocational factors in cases is becoming increasingly more significant to attorneys. Testimony demands that the expert be well prepared, accurate and objective.


The use of legal nurse consultants is becoming necessary when medical experience and knowledge are critical to case planning strategies. As nurses inherently have multi-faceted specialties and experiences, information procurement can be quick and efficient.

Our legal nurse consultants can assist in summarizing and organizing medical records, consult with health care providers, screen medical malpractice cases, define applicable standards of care and conduct literature research.

The professionals at Gisclair and Associates are specially trained in performing studies which render reliable information regarding an individual’s wage earning capacity, residual employability profile, skill level, medical costs-analysis and long-term disability cost projections.

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