Consistency is Key!

Consistency is Key

A Team You Can Count On

Gisclair & Associates prides itself on having a solid group of employees that are able to consistently provide top notch service to our clients. Our Nurse Case Managers and Vocational Counselors have been with our company between 8-19 years. The experience they have, collectively, makes for an impressive team to have on your side. Our expertise includes Louisiana Workers’ Compensation, Longshore Harbor Workers, Jones Act, Tribal First Workers’ Compensation, as well as Auto and General Liability.

What You Can Expect

Nurse Case Managers

Provide professional rehabilitation services to injured individuals upon referral. We have experience working with patients with Orthopedic,Traumatic Brain, Spinal Cord, and Burn injuries. Our Nurses will provide medical care coordination services to enable a productive return to work, as well as consult with treating physicians and other medical care coordination services to discern an individual’s medical stability. We will prepare narrative reports to provide documentation and communication with referral source, attorney, and other interested parties.
Jackie Horton – 19 years
Vivian Manes – 19 years
Sharon Campo – 17 years
Shelley Anders – 10 years
Debbie Anderson – 8 years

Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants

Provide comprehensive rehabilitation assessment and guidance to individuals who have been industrially disabled. These services include vocational evaluation, testing, counseling, job seeking skill training, job analysis, and job placement assistance services. Our Counselors assist the injured worker in returning to maximum productivity consistent to the worker’s interest, aptitude, education, and prior work experience.
Kristen Evans – 18 years
Brandyn Landry – 15 years
Mona Davie – 14 years